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I'm Sashea and welcome to my health, fitness and running blog. I'm a Runner,Triathlete, Fitness Addict and NEW Fitfluential Ambassador sharing all things fitness, health and nutrition related. FitFluential Is Fitness Found


The Brazilian crunch is a challenging exercise that activates your entire core. Starting in a plank position, drive your knee up towards your tricep (the back of your arm). As your knee drives past your belly button, twist to one side, dropping your shoulder. If you’re just starting out with this exercise, try mastering 4 alternating reps. 

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Great Weekend Fitness Challenge Exercise.

Try doing 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.

Happy Fitness Friday!

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Tonight was by far my favorite #grouprun with #NikeNyc because I got to meet, run and talk with 2012 Boston Marathon Winner, The Honorable Wesley Korir. This guy is an amazing #runner, civil rights activist and member of parliament in Kenya where he’s making a big difference. We were fortunate to get a screening of his #running documentary, Transcend. So #inspiring. You’ve gotta check it out. @bayye1 took this great shot of us outside. Matching jackets and peace signs✌️😀 #nyclive #thelocal #keepitmoving

All smiles because 2012 Boston Marathon Winner, Wesley Korir is joining us on tonight’s #NikeNyc #run. Always surround yourself with greatness 😀👍👊 #keepitmoving

8 Yoga Inspired Stretches To Soothe Sore Muscles

So a couple months ago I made a commitment to ‘Yoga Every Damn Day’ and for the most part I have been even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day. I even did a 30 Day Yoga Challenge on Instagram last month. Why? Because it is extremely beneficial for an athlete like me.

I’m training for my 3rd NYC Marathon,(would’ve been 4 but 2012 got cancelled) and running all those miles makes my body stiff and sometimes sore.

Now that I do yoga after every run, I’m not sore the next day. Even after my most recent 22 mile run. It’s amazing!

It also helps prevent injuries.

So when I found this great infographic, I just had to share it. I do every single move on this thing especially the groin stretches and my body feels great afterward.

Give it a try. 

Try holding each pose for 4-5 breaths(20-30 seconds).

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Guess who just finished #running #track in the #rain?😉👍 #NikeNyc #nikerunning #keepitmoving #noexcuses

What’s getting me over #HumpDay? Knowing that I completed 4 of the 5 #nyrr #5BoroSeries which gives me guaranteed entry into the @newyorkroadrunners 2015 #nyc #HalfMarathon. Whoop! Whoop!💁😀 From left to right #BrooklynHalf (my favorite race), #queens10k, #bronx10mile & #statenislandhalf. That’s 42.4 miles of hard work. Definitely earned all these #medals👊😀

Running From Injury

Runners and other athletes have a high tolerance level for pain. So many of us ignore what could be a major injury in the making.

This awesome #infographic details the 5 most common running injuries, their symptoms, causes and treatments.

It also has great injury prevention tips.

Check it out and reblog to share with your Fitblrs and Runblrs.

It may help someone stay healthy. There’s nothing worse to a runner than an injury that prevents them from running.

Journey to the 2014 Marathon Runner Interviews!

So I’ve been training for my 4th NYC Marathon and have met a lot of amazing runners in the process.

We’ve shared both the ups and downs of our marathon training journey, supported each other before, during and after races, and it got me thinking. Why not share their experiences with the world?

We’ve all read interviews from elite marathon runners in our favorite running magazines like Runner’s World or Competitor Running. And while those interviews are great, I think it’s important to hear from regular runners. You know, the ones with 9-5 jobs who don’t get paid to run. They actually pay to run! LOL!

So I contacted a few of my running friends and asked them to participate and thankfully they were all happy to do it.

Some of them are serial racers, others are training for their very first marathon. They are all truly inspirational! If you need some #MondayMotivation, check out these interviews here

I will be doing follow up video interviews with all of them during race week.

Reblog to share. You may be inspired to run your first race, marathon or just get into running.

Happy Monday!

A look at my #medal from #yesterday’s #statenislandhalf #marathon Ain’t it pretty?! This is medal no. 8 of my race season for my 4th and I think last #HalfMarathon of the year. Medal No.9 coming in less than 3 weeks, will be the big one - #NYCMarathon baby!😀 #nyrr #runforlife

This is our Last race before #nycmarathon which is in 3 weeks. Hell yeah we’re jumping!😀 side note* my race medal hit me dead in the face on this #jump😂😂😂 Check out my ‘Journey to the 2014 NYC Marathon Runner Interview’ with @haleybrubin on my blog to see how her #training is going. She’s #amazing 👏👏 #loveher