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I'm Sashea and welcome to my health, fitness and running blog. I'm a Runner , Triathlete & Kettlebell Kickboxing Instructor sharing all things fitness, health and nutrition related.

Hump Day #Motivation!

I just signed up for my 1st Warrior Dash Race so I’m in straight #BeastMode.

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Buns of Steel Workout

Having strong glutes is essential for an athlete. It improves your performance, helps prevent injuries, improves posture and looks pretty darn good in a pair of skinny jeans ;)

My Buns of Steel Workout has 6 of the best butt exercises:

Do each one 20x. 

Exercises such as Step Ups, Lunges, Donkey Kicks and Single Leg Bridge should be performed 20x per leg.

Take a 1 minute break and then repeat.

To make it more challenging, add weights and pulses to each exercise.

*Click on each exercise to see a video demo.

Try incorporating this workout into your training 2-3x a week.

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Work that booty! It’s so necessary.

Great Hump Day Workout ;)

Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.

This is exactly what I did for this race and training season and it’s been awesome!

People with like-minded goals motivate and inspire you to do and be better.

So if you wanna run, hang out with runners. If you wanna do triathlons, hang out with triathletes. If you wanna be fit….you get the idea.

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Core Exercises

These 4 exercises are great for strengthening your core. I do them at least 3x a week after my training run.

Do each one for the prescribed number of reps or hold count:

1. Plank with Side Step x 10 reps on each leg.

2. Runner’s Crunch x 10 reps on each side.

3. Seated Twists x 15 reps on each side.

4. Swimming x 30 seconds.

Repeat entire sequence 2-3x if you have more time.

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Starting my #fitness week by Lifting something that’s heavier than my purse😉💪 @kettlebellkickboxing #training


There are 3 Simple but very important Fitness Rules:

  1. Never go 3 days without exercise.
  2. Never Miss a Monday Workout.
  3. Never Give Up.

Now Go get after that Monday Workout!

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Today is Never-Miss-A-Monday Workout!

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I’m giving away 3 of them. It’s lightweight, wicks away sweat and has lightning dry technology. Perfect for those humid Summer runs.

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Monday Motivation!

Stay active and Keep Moving!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

A few months ago I said I wanted to try trail running. It’s something I had never done before and every time I saw one of my Instagram running friends posting pics of their scenic trail runs, it made me wanna try it even more.

One of my favorite athletic brands, New Balance, found out about my trail running aspirations and sent me a pair of their cool and brand NEW Fresh Foam 980 trail shoes.
I took them for a test run on the bridle path of Central Park and never went back. Why? Because I was so comfortable running on the pavements of the city that I got stuck in my routine.

Signing up for my first 5k trail race

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I received an email asking if I wanted to be an ambassador for the Trail Master Killah 5k race in Van Cortlandt Park. I’ve never run or even been to Van Cortlandt Park but it’s another thing I’ve wanted to. I’ve heard the trails are little challenging but I’m totally up for it so I said yes.

Doing this race will help me accomplish two goals; running on a trail and running in Van Cortlandt Park, the 3rd largest park in NYC.

This race benefits Friends of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, NY and they provide a free race shirt, food and beer at the end. I’m not much of a beer drinker….ok I don’t drink beer at all,  however I know a ton of runners who do so they can join me. Woohoo!

My first experience on the trails

Yesterday I did my first trail run. It was with a trail running group in New Jersey. I was scheduled to run 7 miles as my first long training run.
I was a little worried that the temp would get hot and uncomfortable since we were starting so late at 8am but I was pleasantly surprised once I got the trails. It was completed covered by trees and really cool.

I started a few minutes behind the group because I was trying to get a gps signal for my watch(ugh!). Since I didn’t know the area, I decided to leave my earbuds off and run without music.

What a beautiful experience?! I could hear my breath, my feet running quickly to catch up to the group, birds in the trees and a stream in the distance.
I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried this sooner. I was definitely missing out.

Once I caught up with the group, we stopped at a half way point, waited for other runners to catch up and made our way back on the trails. I ended up running and chatting the entire time on my way back.

I completed my 7 miles and had a fantastic first trail run. I’m so glad I decided to leave my comfort zone of city running and try something new. It’s really how you learn to grow. Cant wait to do it again next week.

If you interested in doing the Trail Master Killah 5k Race with me on August 16th 2014, just visit their website to register.
Registration price is $38.00 but you can save $10.00 by entering promo code ‘SASSY_FIT_GIRL’ during checkout.
When you sign up you can join my team ‘NYCInstarunners’ or create your own.

Invite family, friends and let’s have a good time.

See you on the trails:)

It’s Killer Workout Saturday!

Time to train to be a Fit Bad Ass!

No Excuses.

It’s Killer Workout Saturday!

Time to train to be a Fit Bad Ass!

No Excuses.